3 Effects Of Cold Weather On Garage Door Openers

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Does your garage door not operate properly because it is too cold? When the winter weather arrives and they experience a slowdown or problem with their garage door opener, many homeowners will ask this query. Based on changes in temperature and precipitation, cold weather can affect your garage door in a variety of ways.

A machine controls your garage door system. It has moving components, much like any other machine. The effects temperature variations have on connected parts are well known. Your garage door opener can be significantly impacted by the weather, especially the cold.


There are three ways that cold weather affects garage door openers:


In cold weather, garage door openers may require more effort to operate because they may lose some of their lubrication. The stress on the motor is reduced when your garage door opener is properly lubricated. A qualified technician can help you identify the ideal lubricant for your garage door’s moving parts.

The cold might also cause the photo-eye sensors on your garage door to fog up. When this occurs, the garage door can detect an obstacle even when there isn’t one. Your garage door opener may experience issues as a result of the sensors’ inability to communicate with one another. Fortunately, cleaning the lenses is all that is necessary in this case.


In cold weather, garage doors, typically those constructed of steel, contract. If they are not constantly moved in the cold, other metal garage door components like rollers, hinges, and springs can deform.

Before winter sets in, ZAAAP Garage Door advises scheduling annual maintenance and lubricating your garage door’s moving metal components to maintain them in good working order.


Some garage doors might become stuck to the ground when water freezes during the winter, especially if puddles develop at the bottom. In an effort to keep weather and tiny animals outside, garage doors are made to seal to the ground. But when it’s chilly out, this can make the door stick.

Push any water that has accumulated on the bottom of your garage door out of the way as frequently as you can to help prevent this.

Schedule the winter maintenance of your garage door.

With 25 years of experience, ZAAAP Garage Door can handle anything from straightforward fixes, to garage door component replacements, inspections, routine maintenance, and complete replacements. Providing our consumers with thorough services and the best products available in our top goal. Additionally, we’ll make sure your Omaha home or commercial garage door operates effectively all winter long.

You can rely on ZAAAP Garage Door to identify the appropriate solutions if your garage door starts to cling in the winter or if it is too chilly for your garage door opener to operate properly. With the aid of our highly qualified specialists, repairing or replacing your garage door or garage door opener is a simple and straightforward process.

Request a free estimate for your garage door opener or schedule services for your garage door by completing our online form right away!

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