Can You Add Windows To A Garage Door

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Garage door with windows

The thought of adding windows to a garage door occurs to many people, whether they have recently purchased a home or have lived in their home for years and now despise how dark their garage is. Most garages lack adequate lighting, and when the door is closed, they resemble caves. If you’ve turned your garage into an office, gym, extra room, workshop, or somewhere to work on your cars, it becomes difficult to work there.

A current garage door can have windows added to it! This will allow more natural light to enter your garage, making it much more useful, and is typically more affordable than replacing the entire door. It might also raise the value of your home when you sell it by enhancing the curb appeal.

What is the price of adding windows to a garage door?

The average cost of installing a window on a garage door, including labor, is between $25 and $55. The cost will vary based on where you reside, how many windows you are adding overall, and whether the spring system needs to be modified. The overall cost of the windows, which can range from dozens to hundreds of dollars each window, will also need to be taken into account.

What Type of Window Should Be Added to Your Garage Door?

Finding ideas for the window’s design can be as simple as taking a stroll about your neighborhood and observing the types of windows your neighbors currently have on their garage doors. You may also check the many garage door models that are now available online to see if any have dimensions that are similar to the one on your current door.

Make sure the design you select blends in with the rest of the garage door and the complete house facade. If you choose one that is out of character, the house won’t appear right and your curb appeal will suffer.

Location of the Windows

It will be up to you to choose where the windows will go while you’re exploring for ideas. The top or eye-level portions of the door are where most homeowners place their windows to let natural light into the entire garage. Place them as far up on the door as you can if privacy is a concern, but this will make it impossible for you to see outside.

To make it tougher for visitors to see inside, you can put a film over the windows, but doing so will reduce the amount of light that can come in overall. If you wish to keep the windows clear of film or tint, you can also look at the frosted glass.

Installation Problems You Might Experience

The installation of these windows is often not a DIY task. You should request quotations from many garage door installation businesses in your neighborhood and ask for referrals from dependable family, friends, and neighborhood organizations.

Because of the weight change that occurs when you swap out the parts, installing these windows will have an impact on the door’s spring system. Because of how delicate the springs are, if the door is not balanced properly, you could end up in a very dangerous situation. As the windows are installed, you’ll need to modify the spring system. You will be protected for the duration of the guarantee if you can locate a business that will accomplish this for you and convince them to offer a guarantee on their work.

Potential Problems Caused by Adding Windows

Before adding windows to your garage door, there are a few things you should consider. The first is that the glass used to make these windows typically breaks. This may be a result of the garage door being shut too firmly or external factors like inclement weather or nearby children playing. If you shatter one of these windows, you’ll need to hire a professional to fix it, which will cost you extra money that you probably didn’t plan for.

When choosing which home to break into, criminals frequently consider the presence of windows. They could be able to peek in if you place your windows at eye level, and if you store important stuff in the garage, they might be tempted to try to break it. To ensure that you are thwarting these crooks and have evidence that can help you stop them if they do attempt to break in, you will want to install a top-notch security system.

The possibility of a minor increase in your insurance costs is the last component. Your homeowner’s insurance may be increased to account for the risk of the windows making your property less secure. You can discuss this with your insurance agent and it is advisable to do so prior to installation.

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