How to Clean Garage Door Tracks

Installing garage roller doors not only improves the beauty of your home, but it also increases its value. However, if your roller door tracks aren't cleaned and maintained on a regular basis, they won't last as long as they should.

Your roller garage doors are most likely used on a regular basis, and in most cases, multiple times per day. Wear and tear will be expected as a result of such use. Your roller doors will begin to grate or drag during operation if you do not perform routine maintenance. They'll eventually cease closing or opening, causing a lot of aggravation!

We recommend following the steps below to clean and maintain the roller door tracks in order to keep your doors in top shape.

Why Should Garage Roller Door Tracks Be Cleaned?

Regular use, grime, and grease buildup are just a few of the reasons your garage roller doors will begin to malfunction. During operation, the tracks are needed to maintain the rollers aligned and working properly. The rollers will not perform correctly if the tracks become worn or dusty.

Every three months, we recommend cleaning and maintaining your roller door tracks. Use these recommendations to keep your garage roller doors in good working order for many years.

1. Get the Garage Organized

Remove any items that may obstruct access to the rollers and tracks in order to reach them comfortably and safely. Remove your vehicles from the garage and make sure there is enough space around the garage doors for you to move around freely.

Close the garage doors and inspect the rollers and tracks from within the garage using a stepladder. To provide additional lighting, you may need to utilize a head torch.

2. Replace or clean the rollers

You should be able to tell if the rollers are worn out or need to be cleaned based on your inspection. Replace any worn rollers with new ones if they are worn out. An old toothbrush can be used to clean grease or grime from the rollers. With a clean rag, wipe away the residue.

A lubricant can be sprayed on metal rollers with open bearings. Spraying is not required for nylon rollers with closed bearings. When spraying the rollers, make sure to use a silicone spray oil or a lithium-based lubricant, and keep an eye out for any drips on the garage floor. A rag can be used to wipe these away.

3. Examine the bolts and nuts

The track mounting, as well as the roller hinges, are held in place with nuts and bolts. These can become loose or worn down over time. Any loose nuts and bolts should be tightened. It is preferable to contact a garage door professional if they need to be removed or replaced.

You can also clean the hardware with an old toothbrush to remove any debris or oil that has accumulated. A silicone-based lubricant can be sprayed on the hinges.

4. Clear the Path

Bring your focus to the tracks while the garage doors are still closed. Make sure the electricity to the doors is disconnected or turned off before cleaning. Wipe any dirt from inside the tracks using a moist cloth. A vacuum cleaner can be used to remove trash from hard-to-reach spots, and an old toothbrush can be used to dislodge thick grime. Wipe down the tracks with an automotive brake cleaner for stubborn dirt and debris. On the tracks, do not apply any lubricant.

5. Clean and lubricate the bearing plates and springs

Open the garage doors after you've finished cleaning the rollers and tracks. Spray the springs and bearing plates at the top of the doors with silicone or lithium-based lubricant. Spray the outsides of the springs as well as the bearing plates' centers. Close and open the doors once again to disperse the lubrication.

Remove any worn or damaged springs or bearing plates and replace them with new components.

Last Thoughts

Regularly cleaning your garage roller door tracks and other parts keeps your roller doors in good shape and extends their lifespan. If you're unsure whether the tracks need to be replaced or repaired, contact ZAAAP Garage Door Repair at +1 (951) 310-9909 for additional information. Menifee residents have trusted us with their roller garage doors!

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