Garage Door Drum Repair near French Valley CA

When you try to open or close your garage door, is it shaky? These signs could indicate that the cable drums on your garage door are broken. Damaged or broken garage door drums can put additional strain on other sections of the system, such as cables and tracks, or even render the door inoperable, putting you in an unpleasant scenario.

garage door drum

If the garage door drums break unexpectedly, the garage door will not function properly, and you will need the help of an expert, dependable specialist to examine the situation and propose appropriate solutions. We return your garage door system to its normal form swiftly and efficiently, ensuring safe and dependable access to your house.

What precisely are garage door drums?

The top wheels of your garage door are drums that allow it to rise and drop smoothly. They are at the opposing ends of the spring support bar. While the garage door is open, the drums assist in lifting it and function as spools for wrapping and storing the wires. Garage door cables are subjected to a great deal of stress. When they are broken or damaged, they not only prevent the door from functioning properly, but they also pose major safety risks.

What Is The Impact Of Broken Garage Door Cable Drums On The Door's Performance?

It's time to repair the garage door drum if you notice signs of wear and tear on the hardware, such as fractures, broken sections, or warping. Damaged garage door drums are indicated by the following signs:

The door makes an abrupt, startling jerking action or obvious shaking when it lifts or lowers.
The garage door makes a loud squeaking noise when it is open.
The door cannot meet the floor evenly when closed.
To spot any damage or inefficiencies early, most professionals recommend inspecting and servicing your garage door cable drums at least once a year. When garage door drums break, the performance of your system may suffer dramatically. Every time the garage door opens, the wires on the drums are twisted and unwound, and warped or damaged drums can cause the cables to slip and the door panels to come away. Wires can snap and garage door tracks can break due to damaged drums.

Right now, ZAAAP Garage Doors can assist you in replacing or servicing cable drums.

In and around French Valley CA, ZAAAP Garage Doors delivers honest and dependable garage door repair and installation. Our professionals are highly qualified and experienced in diagnosing and repairing damaged garage door cable drums with only the best components and equipment for long-term results.

We perform repairs on almost every type of garage door and seeing hundreds of doors, we can promise nothing but the best service.
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