How Long Do Garage Door Openers Last

For years or even decades, most people continue to utilize the same garage door system. You probably won't consider replacing the garage door as long as there is no issue with opening and shutting it.

But since everything has a shelf life, you might eventually wonder how long garage door openers endure. A remote controller issue is simple to identify. However, until the first indications of a problem occur, you can easily ignore the garage door opener.

The Longevity of the Garage Door Opener

The motorized device responsible for opening and closing the garage door is known as the garage door opener. Most often, you may see it on the wall or ceiling directly over the garage door.

This motorized component will eventually need to be replaced. The majority of garage door openers have a three- to five-year warranty, though the exact duration varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. It can be used for much longer, but as time passes, its performance degrades.

You're in luck if you're the kind of person who borrows a car from the garage in the morning and returns it in the evening. Your garage door opener may last twice as long as expected in such circumstances.

However, if you use your car frequently and open the garage door for a variety of reasons, you may want to consider replacing the garage door opener after a few years. One of the main elements affecting the durability of this gadget is how frequently garage doors are used.

Depending on its quality and how frequently you use the garage, the garage door opener typically operates the door dependably for 10 to 15 years. After that time, the first indications that it has to be replaced start to show themselves.

Factors Affecting the Life Expectancy of an Opener

The sort of opener you have is one of the elements that affect how long a garage door opener will last. The belt drive door opener has shown to be more robust than a chain or screw drive, even if they all have benefits and drawbacks. It can last up to three years longer than competing products on average.

Regular maintenance is the most important thing you can do to increase the lifespan of the garage door opener. This entails lubricating the springs, rollers, and door tracks as well as preparing the garage door for the summer and winter.

The equilibrium of the garage door can also be checked. Therefore, if you set aside a little time each week for normal garage door maintenance, you can add a few years to its lifespan.

A professional inspection should be performed at least once a year to provide the garage door opener the best chance of functioning correctly at all times. The springs, rollers, cables, and opener must all be visually inspected by a technician.

If necessary, you can ask for service to perform a door balance and reversal test as well as additional lubrication of moving parts. Additionally, as time passes, you should pay closer attention to the garage door's peculiar behavior, odd noises, and vibrations.

Symptoms Of A Failed Opener

The garage door opener typically displays a few warning indications before it completely malfunctions. Therefore, as soon as you discover something odd about the door, disconnect it and switch to manual control.

The garage door opener, on the other hand, controls how far and forcefully the door closes. Although it is occasionally feasible to fix the opener, most manufacturers advise buying a new one to replace the broken one. The following are some signs that the garage door opener isn't functioning properly:

1. Strange Noise

Over time, the engine loses power, making it harder and harder to open the door. Call someone to have a look if you suddenly notice a creaking, banging, or squeaking sound while opening your garage door.

2. The Door Moved Slowly

When a door opens and closes too quickly, it puts people at risk of harm or property damage. You will quickly notice if the process takes longer than usual if you have used your garage frequently.

Therefore, you will know that the opener is malfunctioning if you push the remote button and have to wait a few minutes for the door to open or close.

3. Vibrancy

The opener's engine starts vibrating as it quits functioning properly. This is first nearly undetectable, but the engine could gradually relax. Remember that you also need to replace the armatures in your previous opener.

The garage door opener can potentially become unattached from its wall installation and land on the roof of your car as a result of the vibrations. Before that occurs, you should exchange the opener for a new, secure one to prevent any damage.

4. The Door Won't Open

There are numerous possible causes for this. However, the door opener is the issue if you hear humming and the engine tries but fails to open the door. The garage door cannot typically be moved by it because it lacks sufficient power. As a result, it needs to be replaced.

5. The unpredictable

Even though you operate your garage door as usual, it may take 10 minutes for it to start opening or closing because the opener has overheated. It's time to replace the door when it just seldom operates correctly.

The issue is with the springs or door tracks, not the opener, if you discover that the door is uneven or difficult to open. Since the damaged springs are unable to lift the door, it often only opens halfway in that situation.

Reasons For The Garage Door Opener Replacement

There are reasons to think about changing the opener even if the garage door appears to be functioning perfectly at first. The year of its manufacturing is one of the most important factors.

Date of Production

Keep in mind that the opener has a label on it with the date of installation. This document always has pertinent details about the specific model and manufacturer that you can use to determine whether an inspection and repair are necessary.

If you purchased a home with a garage and haven't since changed it, you probably don't know anything about the installation of the garage door opener. It is time to call a professional, though, if more than 15 years have gone by without the garage door opener being replaced.

Checking the door's functionality and safety can prevent injuries to you and damage to your belongings, thus taking this precaution can be useful.

Safety Features

Don't disregard the safety measures offered by the latest garage opener types. It mostly consists of cameras and sensors for security measures like PIN codes or apps you may manage from your smartphone. In other words, benefits that mechanisms built 15 years ago cannot be achieved by modern garage systems.


Additionally, because earlier garage door models are simple to break, they are not safe. Traditional unlocking systems only have a few codes that a skilled thief can crack in a short period of time. These days, the app for garage doors notifies you as soon as the door opens.


One additional typical factor influences a homeowner's decision to replace the garage opener. Over time, the noise gets louder. Particularly with regard to chain drive openers, older kinds of garage door openers groan and are particularly loud. You can get away from this nuisance with a fresh model.

Potential Disappointments

Simply put, getting a new garage door opener can simplify your life. The majority of them are dependent on the power source, so if there is a power outage, you will run into trouble. Nowadays, a backup battery is nearly often included with garage door openers.

If the business from which you purchased the garage opener no longer exists, you will also have a significant problem. Despite not having expired, the warranty becomes void. Additionally, if you need to fix something on your old garage door, it will be difficult to find the right parts.

Additionally, it signifies that the approved servicing for your garage door type is no longer available. The best course of action is to swap out the garage opener for a more recent one made by a reputable manufacturer with a solid track record.


Your garage doors' regular opening and closing are hampered if you have an outdated and broken garage door opener. Additionally, it might be risky and noisy.

The garage door opener can survive up to 15 years even if the warranty is often only good for three to five years if you routinely fix and maintain it. Though technologically modern openers offer good safety features and produce less noise, you should think about purchasing a new one.


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