How Long Do Garage Door Springs Last

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According to our experience repairing and replacing garage door springs in Northglenn, Boulder, and the neighborhood, high-quality springs should last for roughly 7-9 years before needing to be replaced. However, the precise amount of time will depend on a variety of variables. For example, poor-quality springs may fail in as little as a year, and springs on garage doors that are used excessively frequently may also fail or wear out much more quickly. Before moving on, let’s take a closer look at the two primary types of springs that are frequently used in the garage door opening systems. There are a few tests that can be done to evaluate whether your garage door springs need to be replaced.

Torsion Springs

Torsion springs located just above the door are evidence that your garage door opener employs them. Torsion springs often come in pairs, and because each spring twists as the door shut, a lot of energy is stored in them when the garage door is fully closed. When you open the door, this power is used to raise the door. Our Northglenn garage door service staff advises installing garage door opening mechanisms with torsion springs since they are more durable and will last longer than extension springs. Extension springs typically last for 10,000 cycles, whereas torsion springs may endure for 15,000 or even 20,000 cycles before they need to be replaced, according to studies.

Extension Springs

The extension springs that are used by your door opening mechanism will be positioned on either side of the door, frequently above the tracks. Cables will be used to connect them to each corner of the door’s bottom. The extension springs in the door expand as it closes, becoming fully stretched when the door is completely shut. The extension springs compress when you click the button on your remote to open the door, lifting the door up into the completely open position, using the stored energy this creates to draw the door open. Extension springs experience more wear and tear than torsion springs since they are stretched continuously and left in a fully extended condition. Torsion springs are preferred by many homeowners due to this aspect as well as the stronger construction quality mentioned above. Nevertheless, if you open your garage door four to five times per day on average, strong extension springs in a well-designed door opening mechanism will still work well for you for about seven years.

Testing Torsion Springs

Its garage door should be balanced if your torsion springs are in good shape; it should need roughly equal force to push the door open and pull it shut. When the door is fully open and in the up position, release it from the opener to test the springs. If the springs are sound, albeit it might move a little when detached from the opening, they should stay open. Pull the door all the way closed to conduct another test on the springs’ health. If the springs are adjusted appropriately and are not excessively worn, it should remain in this position.

Identifying Worn Extension Springs

Our garage door service crews in Broomfield, Boulder, and Denver don’t have a particular test they employ to determine whether extension springs need to be replaced. Instead, they check the springs individually. Poorly worn extension springs will have gaps between the coils; if you notice that yours do, they should be replaced as soon as possible.

Replacing Worn Torsion and Extension Springs

We advise against replacing either torsion or extension springs on your own unless you are a skilled garage door repair specialist with plenty of experience. Both types of garage door springs should not be attempted to be repaired, as doing so could be harmful and results in the spring becoming unusable once it has worn out. Only replacement, using high-quality springs from an established supplier, will do.

It’s true that some homeowners have successfully replaced their own garage door springs when they reached the end of their useful lifespan, but as we mentioned above, unless you are totally experienced and confident in your ability to handle this project, it’s not something we would recommend you do. When removing your old springs and replacing them with new ones, a competent technician will adhere to strict safety precautions; these precautions have been taken countless times by the technician and are now second nature to him or her. You can look for a DIY tutorial online if you truly want to handle the job yourself, but if you do this, we strongly advise that you heed all safety precautions.

We Replace Garage Door Springs in Menifee, CA; Lake Elsinore, CA;  Temecula, Ca, and Surrounding Areas

We will be pleased to come and evaluate your garage door springs if you believe they may have reached the end of their useful lifespan or if you would prefer to leave them to qualified garage door professionals. If they need to be replaced, we can find high-quality replacement components, verify that they are the correct size, and install them for you on the day of your choice. For price specifics and information on the places we serve, contact us by phone or email right away.

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