How to Fix a Jerky Garage Door

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Oh that irritating jerk! A jerking garage door is one of the few things that may ruin an otherwise beautiful morning.

Imagine getting ready to drive your car to work when you suddenly notice that the garage door is noisy and jerky. Your entire vehicle is now plagued by thoughts about how to fix it and how much it will cost.

Hey, but, it doesn’t have to be so horrible. As long as you know what you’re dealing with, fixing a jerky door is not too difficult. We will assist you in identifying the issue and offering practical remedies through this guide. Let’s begin!

Common causes of jerking garage doors

The issue is typically relatively simple to fix, but in order to do so, you must understand why it is occurring in the first place. Let’s go over a few typical causes:

  • There are loose screws or debris in the tracks.
  • There are loose rollers.
  • Broken or rusty springs are present.
  • The pulleys’ cables have been jostled and are no longer precisely positioned.
  • Broken is the top torsion spring.

Fixing a jerky garage door

1) Trash on the tracks

Debris is the most frequent issue we have seen with garage doors. Over time, dirt and debris build up in the track, impairing the door’s ability to operate smoothly. You’ll need soapy dishwater and a lint-free towel to solve this. Check the tracks with a flash light for dead insects, dirt, etc. and clean the tracks as necessary. Use fresh water for the following rinse. In no time, they ought to be in like-new condition.

2) Missing screws in the rails

Grab a flat-head screwdriver while you’re at it and make sure all the screws are tight. Fix any loose ones right away if you find any.

3) Broken or slack rollers

If the issue remains after checking and cleaning the tracks, have a look at the rollers to make sure nothing is broken there. The rollers may have dirt on them. If so, clean them too. Rips and tears may occasionally be visible. In this situation, you will have to swap them out.

Use 2 cups of water and 1 cup of white distilled vinegar to clean the rollers.

4) Spring rust

Rusted springs will make things more difficult than necessary. Your door will jerk as it moves if there is even a little film of rust on it. You can remove the rust with vinegar and a wire brush.

5) A torsion spring failure

The torsion spring is located above. You will realize that this is the cause of all the problems if you notice that the coil is protruding or that the spring is broken. Even though this doesn’t occur as frequently as rusty springs or track debris, it does occasionally.

To solve this problem, you will require expert assistance.

Even after making the aforementioned repairs, you must call in expert repair services if your garage door still jerks when opening and shutting. They will recognize the issue right away and take care of fixing it for you. Most of the time, it is also not that expensive! Despite the fact that you have never fixed a garage door on your own, we advise hiring professionals. DIY projects are enjoyable, but they may also be challenging if you don’t know what you’re doing. A shoddy door repair will also make issues worse in the future. Hiring a professional will help you avoid all that headache!

We are providing the best garage door service in Temecula, CA. You can get in touch with us if you’re unsure how to mend a jerky garage door. We welcome your comments and would be pleased to answer all of your questions.

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