How to Frame a Garage Door

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It seems like I get a call from a customer asking for advice on how to best prepare the garage door opening every day who is making improvements to a garage. I’m not sure if we are using the same terminology when we use phrases like “rough opening.” Rough openings in our industry refer to the size of the opening prior to the addition of the finished timber to the jambs. If you order a garage door based on the approximate size of the opening, it can end up being too huge. I wrote this blog post to simplify my life so that I could email it to my clients to help them understand. I have included a diagram as a backup because I’m not a wordsmith and things could go wrong. All the best with your upcoming garage door framing project.

What You’ll Need To Do The Project

You’ll need to gather some tools if you want to complete this project correctly. The last time I framed an opening, I used this.

  • Measurement tape
  • Pencil
  • Circular saw
  • Hammer
  • 1 used 16p nails (The wood was getting wrapped with aluminum)
  • 2″ x 6″ Lumber

framing a garage door

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Let’s Start Now

A rough opening is a garage door opener that has been framed with 24 timber but has not yet undergone final work.

The rough opening should be three inches wider than the garage door you’ve chosen. The opening will be 9’3″ wide if you are installing a 9′ broad garage door. The opening will be 9′ wide when it is finished. The finished opening should match the garage door you bought in terms of height and breadth.
The rough aperture should be framed 1.5 inches higher than the door of your choice. Frame the opening 7’1.5″ tall if the door is 7′ tall.

Complete the Opening

To complete the introduction Wood 2′′ thick was used to carve the header. The lumber is either 6′′ or 8′′ broads where I live. Install using framing nails worth 16p. Once this header has been installed, the distance from the concrete to the bottom of the header should be equal to the height of your garage door.
Put in the vertical jambs now. Use wood that is 2 inches thick. Take a measurement from the concrete to the base of the newly installed header. Same framing nails should be used.

Putting up the Goal Post

You may see an example of what we refer to as the goal post below. This picture is looking outside from within the garage. To provide a secure and long-lasting garage door installation, the task is to install lumber to mount your track and springs. Without a suitable goal post, we never advise mounting a garage door.

Take an accurate measurement from the garage floor to the ceiling right near to the garage door opening. Cut two pieces of timber measuring 2″ x 6″ and fasten them to the face of the wall along the length from the jambs of your garage door to the ceiling of your garage. The garage door track and a section of your assembly will be attached using this lumber.

Next, measure the distance between the 2″x 6″ timber that you have just fastened to the garage wall’s face. Now, cut a piece of 2″x 6″ lumber to that size. Attach lumber to the garage wall’s face and the header of the garage door.

Take a measurement of the garage ceiling from the top of the 2″ x 6″ piece of timber that you just installed. In the exact middle of the garage header, cut a 2″x 6″ piece of lumber and fasten it with nails to the face of the wall. The middle bracket of your garage door spring assembly will be fastened to this piece of lumber.

Common Problems

One problem we have frequently is when the 2’x6″ lumber that the track mounts to does not reach the floor completely. In other instances, the wall constructed atop the block or brick base is wider. See the picture below. To make the lumber 1/4″ from the floor in this situation, you will need to chip away at the brick. To prevent the wood from decaying, it is best practice to leave a small gap between the floor and the lumber.

We appreciate you visiting our website. I’m curious as to how we might be able to rearrange the information on this page to make the instructions more understandable. Please feel free to remark below. Give us a call if you live in the California region and need a new garage door or any garage door service in Menifee, CA.

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