How to Install a Garage Door Keypad

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Why Would I Put in a Garage Keypad?

A garage door opener is frequently carried by folks I know, either hooked to their keychain or the visor of their vehicle. The convenience of remote garage door openers cannot be overstated. However, the extra features of a garage keypad can offer an extra layer of security to the regular access to your garage and house. Even when you don’t have your keys or a garage door opener with you, they let you keep your garage secure. Additionally, the code can be shared as needed rather than handing out a large number of extra keys to your aunts, in-laws, and neighbors.

Another benefit is having access to the garage but not the interior of the house. If, for example, your neighbor called and asked to borrow your ladder or leaf blower, you might grant him permission without having to stop where you were going. If you only needed access once to give your dog food while you were away, you can choose to change the code on a regular basis.

Which Garage Keypad Types Are There?

Keypads come in a variety of brands, but they are all essentially the same. Some are cordless remote controls that you mount to the garage sidewall with batteries inside. Another alternative is to hardwire in a keypad that operates the garage door, which is a better long-term solution. Both versions work well, but unless you are installing drywall and other finishing touches in your garage, you will probably choose a wireless keypad.

How can I be certain that the garage keypad will function with my current opener?

Are you unsure whether a wireless keypad will function in your garage? Finding out if you have a wireless remote to open and close the door is probably the simplest way to tell. A wireless keypad will most likely function with your garage. If your garage has wireless remotes, the wireless keypad will function in a similar way. You may need to do some research to find the manufacturer and model that will work.

What Do I Do Now That I Have a Garage Keypad?

You just got a garage keypad, then. Great! It’s time to install it now. Do not worry if the assignment is causing you tension; it is simple. Before you start, check sure the brand you bought is compatible with the garage door opener you already own by giving it one last glance. This will spare you from having to spend a lot of time debugging and attempting to match items that are incompatible with one another.

How to Install a Garage Keypad

  • Placement

You may want to think about where you want your keypad to be placed. Due to the plastic casing on many of these devices, prolonged exposure to sunlight may eventually damage them. Consider whether the keyboard is water-resistant as well. The gadget may be exposed to a lot of snow and rain if it is placed on the front of your home. Despite the fact that these casings are often sealed, it would be wise to prevent direct rainfall drainage.

Commonly, keypads are positioned right next to the garage door. (However, keep in mind that you have other options as well.) They may be installed just about anywhere that makes sense, and these keypads have a respectable range. If your home is connected to the garage, or even just close by, you may install the keypad beneath the patio overhang. If you want to hide it from being seen from the street, you could consider place it on the side of your house rather than the front. The only restriction here is to wait till the keypad signal can reach the garage door opener before you start drilling any holes. Before installing it, check and check again.

  • Using Your Garage Keypad to Connect

Usually, it’s pretty easy to accomplish this. To find out the exact steps, see the manufacturer’s installation manual, but generally speaking, you’ll need to press a “learn button” on the garage door opener and maybe enter a code on the keypad in the garage. Some others may ask you to match a configuration, but those are usually much older models. Finally, you shouldn’t believe everything you read online since the person is probably lying to you if they tell you that you need to stand on your head, whistle a tune, stomp your feet three times, and hit a certain button at the right time in your tiny diddly. But to be certain, I would consult the manufacturer’s manual.

  • Install garage keypad

Another really simple task is attaching the keypad. The keypad’s back casing must often be removed. The keypad may also have something resembling a plastic sleeve that it is fitted into after the mounting sleeve has been put in place. In either case, you must mount the bracket by drilling a few holes, often with little wood screws.

  • Fixing Techniques

Despite how simple a project this might seem, there might still be some snags. Here is a procedure to follow to help identify the problem if you experience a keypad problem.

Grab the keypad from where you mounted it, and carry it inside the garage before you start hurling tools and swearing at the garage door opener. Make sure the connected controller in the garage can first open and close the garage door. This is merely to ensure that the garage door opener is functional.

Second, go one step further and grab a car remote to check if the wireless remotes are still functional. Simply confirming that the remotes remained associated with the garage door will do. Last but not least, enter the garage keypad code.

Well done if the keypad worked! In that case, you might have to repair the garage keypad and garage door opener. Take the garage keypad back to the mounting bracket after it functions while inside the garage to make sure it can operate the garage from the distance you specified.

Another thing to consider is that, even if the keypad and garage remote controllers appear to have a good range when communicating with the garage door opener, the antenna of the garage door opener may have been jostled during the pairing process.

It is easy to repair if you believe this may have happened. Get back up to the door opener, grab your ladder, and proceed. The antenna is often a small wire that hangs down to capture the wireless signal. Check to see if the antenna is correctly attached before trying the troubleshooting steps once more.

ZAAAP Garage Door Repair is always ready to serve any kind of garage door service in Menifee, CA. Feel free to contact us if you can not install the keypad or if you are busy. We are ready to do it with care.

Something Less to Worry About

I’m confident you’ll discover that a garage keypad is a practical addition to your property once you’ve gone through the installation process. Benefits like allowing friends or family easy but limited access to your garage while you’re away or giving older children a quick method to enter the house after school can change your routine and restore your faith in the security of your home. The advantages of having a garage keypad are well worth the cost and time if you conduct a quick assessment, buy a reasonably priced new item, and install it in a single morning on a Saturday. It is now much easier for you if you ever forget your keys inside while doing yard work or if you need your neighbor to store your Amazon goods in the garage while you are away. Enter the code and keep the backup key.

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