How to Install Garage Door Weatherstripping

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Weatherstripping on the garage door keeps dirt and other debris from getting in through the bottom. Additionally, it regulates circulation into the garage and prevents heat from escaping through the door’s edge. The temperature is maintained and the garage is kept clean with the help of a garage door weatherstripping. Your garage door’s weatherstripping is simple to install by yourself. The advice given below will help you weatherproof your garage door.

Steps to Install Garage Door Weatherstripping

Step 1: Go to the closest hardware store

You may easily get a weatherstripping kit and garage door weather stripping at the local hardware store. There are numerous materials available for weatherstripping. However, a durable aluminum or plastic nailing strip is the most effective weatherstripping that is frequently utilized. An adaptable and plush piece of vinyl or rubber is attached to this strip. The flexible vinyl or rubber portion allows the door to travel up and down without difficulty, whereas the weatherstripping’s role is to be in direct touch with the door.

Step 2: Exercise Due Caution

Take the necessary measures before beginning your work. When using power saws or any other tools, wear safety eyewear and cover your ears. Your skin and eyes will be kept safe from harm as a result of this.

Step 3: Get Rid of Any Previous Stripping

Remove any outdated weather stripping before you start working. With the use of a flat bar and a hammer, you may eliminate the old weather stripping. Tap the flat bar under the strip to remove the nails from the door frame without causing any damage.

Step 4: Start working

As you will be installing weather stripping on the exterior of the garage door, place all of your tools outside the garage. Cut the header piece’s square ends with a miter saw. Your task will be easier and your header piece can be cut precisely with a miter saw. Get your nails ready, then hammer the header piece into place. On the middle of the headpiece, place the nails at equal distances between eight and eighteen inches.

Typically, pre-marked nailing spots are included in the weather stripping kit. You can use roofing nails if your weather stripping kit is missing nails. When the garage door opens and closes, the header piece will retain the weather strip against the door.

Step 5: Fix the side pieces

Measure the side pieces using the measuring tape. Before cutting them, make a mark with a pencil. Ensure that the header piece and the side pieces are in contact. extend it to the garage floor after that. Similar to how you nailed the header piece, nail the side pieces.

Step 6: Weatherstripping the garage door and testing it

Cut the weather stripping at a 45-degree angle at the top of the side pieces so that it is securely fastened. The garage door must now be examined as the final stage. As a result, test the garage door’s functionality by opening and closing it several times. Make the necessary repairs if there are any issues.

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