How to Open Garage Door When Power is Out

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There are a few uncommon situations where you might need to manually open a garage door. You might be dealing with a power outage or a broken garage door opener when you need to go to work. The last thing you want to happen when trying to get your car out is to damage your door. It’s crucial to know how to manually open a garage door in these circumstances.

The following methods will let you unlock your door without incident:

1. The door must be closed.

You must make sure that your garage door is in the down position before attempting to deactivate your garage door opener. It is exceedingly risky and not recommended to try to deactivate the opener while the door is open. When the opener is released, the entire weight of the garage door may crash to the ground if the spring is broken or not balanced properly. Both physical hurt and significant damage could arise from this.

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2. Pull the emergency release cord

The red rope hanging from the garage door trolley is the emergency release cord. The release rope ought to be placed close to the front of the door when it is closed. The trolley moves when the door opens and closes since it is attached to the door. The trolley is also attached to the carriage of the garage door opener by the connection point. The device that automatically pushes the door along the boom of the garage door opener is known as the carriage. The emergency release cable detaches the trolley from the carriage, enabling manual operation of the door.

3. Manually raise the garage door and lower it again.

The garage door can be moved freely between the open and closed positions in Step 2. If the door is so heavy that you are unable to lift it manually, you might have a broken spring. The springs lift the door, contrary to a prevalent belief that the garage door openers do. If you discover a broken spring, we strongly advise you to get in touch with us right away for expert repair services.

4. Push the door with the emergency release cord.

You must pull the release cord in the direction of the door to re-engage the carriage and operate your garage door electrically. By doing so, the spring lever will be compressed, enabling the two mechanisms to re-engage.

5. Reconnect the Trolley to the Opener Carriage

Simply restart the opener after disconnecting the trolley to reconnect it. That is, from the very top to the very bottom. There ought to be a noticeable click as the trolley and carriage pass one another. Your garage door can now be opened and closed electrically since they are now connected.

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