How to Paint a Metal Garage Door

When guests arrive at your house, your garage door is often one of the first things they notice. When it begins to show signs of wear and tear, however, people wonder how to paint a metal garage door and whether it is really possible. While painting a metal garage door takes some time and effort, it is a very simple approach to improve the curb appeal of your home and even give it a whole new look. If you live in Sacramento and need assistance, go here to request a free estimate.

Is It Possible to Paint a Metal Garage Door?

Now that we've established that you can paint a metal garage door, let's go over some of the do's and don'ts to guarantee that your hard work pays off.

Some new garage doors come primed and ready to use. This is convenient because the first step has already been completed for you. It's now only a matter of painting over the priming with garage door paint or metal paint. Keep in mind that metal paint will not stick to a newly galvanized garage door! After a few days, you'll be left with a peeling mess. Galvanized doors should not be painted. So now we'll look at pre-primed metal garage doors or metal garage doors that have already been painted.

Garage Door Paint Colors

Metal garage doors are best painted with acrylic latex exterior house paint. However, don't make the mistake of buying low-cost paint. You won't be sorry for spending a little extra on paint that will last longer. It may even save you money in the long term by eliminating the need for many coats.

One application of metal garage door paint is usually sufficient. However, after the initial coat, use your discretion and proceed from there. If you're painting a light hue over a deeper tone, you might require a second coat.

Gloss or semi-gloss is the ideal paint finish for your garage door. These finishes protect your paint from scratches and scuffs since they dry hard. Glossy paint also keeps up well in humid or wet environments and washes clean easily for minimal upkeep. A satin finish is also an excellent choice. The best coatings for aluminum or steel garage doors are listed below:

  • Everlast Exterior Paint from Lowe’s
  • Behr Ultra Exterior
  • Zinsser Perma-White Rust-Oleum
  • The Montage Signature Paint
  • Diamond Brite All-Purpose Enamel
  • Rust-Oleum 8781502 when painting galvanized metal

The Best Metal Primer garage door opener

The most dangerous enemy of metal is rust. It can be unattractive to have a rusted garage door. A variety of primers meant to prevent rusting and corrosion are available on the market. For the greatest results, we recommend using a high-quality bonding primer. Here are a few tried-and-true primer alternatives:

Gempler's Eco-friendly Rust Converter and Primer Kitz Adhesion Bonding Primer
Corroseal Water-Based Rust Converter Rust-Oleum Clean Metal Primer Primer for Metals

Selecting a Color

It can be difficult to choose just one paint color from the many available. You might wish to go with a color that is close to the prior hue of your door. If you want to liven things up, make sure the color you choose complements your siding, trim, and any brick, stucco, or rock accents you have. The majority of individuals like neutral colors like grey, tan, white, or beige. Just make sure you've given it some thought and are happy with your decision.

How to Paint a Garage Door Made of Metal

You can paint your garage doors on a weekend with a little help. These simple procedures can help your project run smoothly and produce the finest outcomes possible.

Step 1: Think about the weather

Checking the weather prediction a week ahead of time is a smart idea. A painting should be done on a day that is neither too hot nor too chilly or wet. Extreme temperatures may cause paint to fail to cure correctly. Between 50 and 75 degrees is the best temperature for painting.

If you're going to use a sprayer to prime and paint, make sure there's no wind. Working in the wind is not only inconvenient, but most of your paint will not reach its intended target.

Step 2: Clean the metal frames and doors.

Wipe down metal doors and frames with soapy water thoroughly. Clean your doors of all stains, corrosion, and grease using a clean rag. Make certain that all dust and dirt are gone.

Step 3: Get Ready

Light sanding is required when painting over old paint to ensure that all peeling paint is removed. Wipe down the surface to remove any sanding dust or dirt.
Mask off sections you don't want to be painted using heavy-duty painter's tape. This includes your garage's edges, window latches, and trim. It's also a good idea to cover your driveway and garage inside with a tarp to guard against overspray.
Disengage your garage door mechanism so you may open it manually for easier maneuvering.

Step 4: Preparation

Apply your primer of choice using a paint sprayer or a good roller. Although a sprayer is significantly faster, a roller will suffice. When you're done, open your garage door halfway to prevent your panels from sticking together. Prime any inset panels on your door first. Allow time for your primer to dry completely.

Step 5: Begin painting

Paint your door with high-quality exterior paint. Starting at the bottom and working your way up, start with the inside panels and work your way out. Examine your work. Consider yourself finished if it appears to be covered and fulfills your requirements. However, if there are any uneven patches or locations where the old paint is showing through, apply a second layer. Allow at least 12 hours between coats for curing. Remove the tape and wait until the door has dried overnight before opening it.

Conclusion on Painting a Metal Garage Door

Give ZAAAP Garage Door Repair a call if you have any queries about painting metal garage doors or just don't have the time to do it yourself. People lead incredibly busy lives, and they frequently prefer professionals to handle things with which they are unfamiliar. Our team of painters would be pleased to take care of all of your painting requirements. We have a great reputation around Menifee because we like what we do and want you to enjoy it as well.

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