How to Wire a Garage Door Opener

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Wiring a garage door opener

Despite being a very simple task, installing an electric garage door opener does involve some wiring. There won’t often be an electrical outlet nearby when installing a garage door opener. To connect the chord in for the opener’s operation, a news outlet will need to be installed close by. For the do-it-yourself homeowner, wiring the electric garage door opener is not a challenging project. A length of insulated wire and some simple tools are all you need.

Step By Step Guide on How to Wire a Garage Door Opener

Step 1: Shut off the power

Turning the electricity off at the main circuit breaker is always the safest course of action before starting any electrical work. This will halt all electrical flow to the region. To alert others that you are servicing the breaker and asking them not to turn it on, tape the circuit.

Step 2: Remove the outlet cover.

Find the closest electrical outlet to your garage door opener. With the screwdriver, remove the faceplate cover, and set it aside. Two screws that are keeping the outlet in place may be seen. both at the top and bottom. Pull out the electrical outlet carefully after removing these screws. Make sure the electricity is turned off by measuring the voltage with a voltage meter.

Step 3: Install the electrical box

Select a location for the new electrical outlet at the site where the garage door opener will be installed. Screws are used to fasten the box to the side of a joist. Where you plan to connect the cables, install plastic conduit along the joists and up the wall.

Step 4: Connect Wires to Electrical Outlet

Run the electrical line through the conduit once it is in place, all the way to the outlet where you will connect. The insulation at the end must be removed by 3/4 inch to reveal the bare copper. Utilize the correct wires to connect to the outlet. The white wire is connected to the screw to which the white wire is already fastened, and so on. After inserting the wires into the electrical box, replace the two screws holding the outlet in place. change out the faceplate.

Step 5: Connect Wires to the New Electrical Box

The electric garage door opener can now be linked to the electrical socket once the cable has been connected to it. After removing 3/4 inch of the wire’s insulation, join the wires to the corresponding screws. Which of the side screws the white and black wires attach to should be indicated on the label for the outlet. The brass or green screw is connected to the green one.

Step 6: Connect the outlet and turn on the device

Push the wiring and the outlet into the electrical box once the wires are safely fastened. Verify that the connections are not being pulled on by kinked or dangling wires. Two screws are used to secure the outlet to the box and maintain it there. One screw in the middle is used to secure the faceplate. Turn on the electricity and plug in the electric garage door opener. Check how the garage door opener functions.

That is how you can wire a garage door opener. If you think this is messy work you can call our specialist for this job. We are providing the best garage door service in Lake Elsinore, CA, and surrounding area.

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