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What’s the one thing in your home that you use pretty much every day? If your guess was the garage door – then you’re right. We all lead busy lifestyles and driving your car in and out of your garage however many times a day means that your garage door is constantly in use. And because of that, you would trust that your garage door works properly in all weather conditions and the different seasons all year round. This will eventually lead to the parts in your garage door wearing out. And when that happens, you will need to have it repaired by a professional – and that’s where our expert team at ZAAAP comes in!

How to tell if your garage door needs professional repair

  1. Slower opening and closing than usual
  2. Garage door does not open or close
  3. Garage remote is unresponsive
  4. Slanted or misaligned garage door when open or closed
If you are facing any of these issues above – contact ZAAAP to get an expert opinion today!


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ZAAAP has been helping customers in Lake Elsinore, CA solve all their garage door problems!

Garage doors that malfunction require immediate service and repair because of how important they are to our busy lifestyles. If you need to drive your car and get somewhere, your garage door is the first thing you open and the last thing you close when you get home.

This is why it can be frustrating to have a malfunctioning garage door. Our expert team at ZAAAP has over 15+ years of experience so you can trust us to solve all your garage door problems, big or small!

Possible reasons of a broken garage door

  1. Misaligned garage door tracks
  2. Radio transmitter malfunction on remote
  3. Worn out parts
  4. Blockage of garage door path.
In addition to protecting your vehicles and valuables in your home from the elements and theft, your garage door also plays a huge role in the insulation of your home, in winter, summer, and everything in between. If your garage door isn’t working as well as it should, here are some possible reasons why your garage door has an issue.


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Our unbeatable professionalism and top notch service to all our customers are built upon 15+ years of experience in the Garage door industry.

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Before we start any work, we will provide a free repair/installation price estimate so you know what to expect for any job you have.

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Our prices are always transparent and competitive, so our customers are kept in the know about what to expect for the price of service that they pay for.

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We have some of the most competitive pricing around when it comes to repairing and installing Garage doors in our local and surrounding areas.

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Using only the highest quality materials and tools from quality brands in the garage door industry, you can trust that the level of our work is the best that your money can buy.

Avail Same Day Service

Subject to availability, we offer a same day service for garage door repairs or installation. Call us today to find out more.

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Our expert team is licensed and qualified to handle all garage door problems in Lake Elsinore, CA with utmost professionalism.


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FAQ on Garage door repair in Lake Elsinore, CA

In Lake Elsinore, CA, ZAAAP is the first name you can trust when it comes to garage door repair. We have over 290 5-star Google reviews by satisfied customers, which tells you all you need to know about our commitment to providing the best service for all our customers.
Your garage doors have sensors which detect whether its path is safe, in order to avoid accidental crushing of people or property to avoid damage or injury. Over time, these sensors may start to deteriorate, which require a professional reset or replacement.
We first check your issue thoroughly so we can pinpoint the exact problem with your garage door. This helps both parties save time and money to ensure that we get the job done quickly and efficiently so that you can focus on the important things in your life.
Depending on the scope and scale of the job, garage door repairs can vary in price. However, here at ZAAAP, we will always tell you what needs to be done and we strive to offer you a fair price for any job, big or small. Contact us today to inquire about our prices.