Garage Door Drum Repair near Lake Elsinore CA

Is it unsteady when you try to open or close your garage door? These indicators could indicate that your garage door’s cable drums are broken. Damaged or broken garage door drums can place extra strain on other parts of the system, such as cables and tracks, or even make the door inoperable, putting you in an uncomfortable situation.

garage door drum

The garage door will not function correctly if the garage door drums break unexpectedly, and you will need the assistance of an expert, trustworthy professional to assess the condition and recommend appropriate solutions. We quickly and efficiently restore your garage door system to its original state, assuring safe and dependable access to your home.

What are garage door drums, exactly?

Your garage door’s top wheels are drums that allow it to rise and lower smoothly. They are at the spring support bar’s opposite ends. The drums assist in lifting the garage door and serve as spools for wrapping and storing the wires while it is open. Garage door wires are put under a lot of pressure. They not only prohibit the door from functioning correctly when they are broken or damaged, but they also offer serious safety issues.

What Effect Do Broken Garage Door Cable Drums Have On The Performance Of The Door?

If you see evidence of wear and tear on the hardware, such as fractures, broken pieces, or warping, it’s time to repair the garage door drum. The following indicators indicate that your garage door drums are damaged:

When the door raises or lowers, it makes an abrupt, startling jerking action or evident shaking.
When the garage door is open, it creates a loud squeaking noise.
When closed, the door cannot meet the floor evenly.
Most professionals recommend inspecting and servicing your garage door cable drums at least once a year to catch any damage or inefficiencies early. When garage door drums fail, your system’s performance may decrease significantly. The wires on the drums are twisted and unwound every time the garage door opens, and warped or damaged drums can cause the cables to slip and the door panels to come loose. Damaged drums can cause wires to snap and garage door tracks to break.

ZAAAP Garage Doors will help you replace or service cable drums right now.

ZAAAP Garage Doors provides honest and dependable garage door repair Lake Elsinore CA. For long-term results, our technicians are highly qualified and experienced in diagnosing and repairing damaged garage door cable drums using only the highest quality components and equipment.