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We understand that the garage is an important part of your home where you keep your vehicles and valuables safe. And if you use your car every day, it goes without saying that your garage door is in use every day as well. Additionally, your garage door faces all kinds of weather conditions year-round. Thus, with this everyday use in the sun, rain, and snow, your garage door will eventually require careful maintenance and repair – and only garage door professionals, such as our team at ZAAAP, knows what to do to make your garage door brand new again.

4 Signs your Garage door needs a repair

  1. Broken garage door spring

  2. Garage door won’t open or close

  3. Garage door opening and closing too slow

  4. Opener switch malfunction

If you are facing any of these problems, ZAAAP is your solution!


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Imagine this scenario: you have to rush out of your home for an emergency, only to find out that your garage door isn’t working or has malfunctioned somehow. Now you either have to take a cab, get a lift, or waste valuable time manually opening and closing your garage door. We know how frustrating it can be if your garage door doesn’t work as well as it should. This is why keeping your garage door maintained regularly is important, so that you can get the important things in your life done without any hassle. Our professional team at ZAAAP has all the necessary tools and experience that can help you to keep your garage door working just like when you got it brand new.

Possible reasons of a broken garage door in Menifee

  • Your springs are old, worn out, or broken
  • Your transmitter has an issue
  • The garage door track is not aligned properly
  • Your garage door’s path is being blocked by something
Choose ZAAAP and save yourself from the headache of choosing which garage door company to trust!


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15+ Years Experience

Our unbeatable professionalism and top notch service to all our customers are built upon 15+ years of experience in the Garage door industry.

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Before we start any work, we will provide a free repair/installation price estimate so you know what to expect for any job you have.

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Our prices are always transparent and competitive, so our customers are kept in the know about what to expect for the price of service that they pay for.

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We have some of the most competitive pricing around when it comes to repairing and installing Garage doors in our local and surrounding areas.

Partnered with Quality Brands

Using only the highest quality materials and tools from quality brands in the garage door industry, you can trust that the level of our work is the best that your money can buy.

Avail Same Day Service

Subject to availability, we offer a same day service for garage door repairs or installation. Call us today to find out more.

Licensed Experts in Menifee, CA

Our team of experts have all the necessary licenses and qualifications to handle any Garage door problems with professionalism.


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FAQ by Garage door owners in Temecula, CA

ZAAAP is the best garage door repair company in Menifee, CA. With over 168 5-star reviews from satisfied customers, there’s no reason for you to doubt our commitment to our customers and to a job well done, no matter how big or how small it is.
Your garage door contains many moving parts that must work properly together to operate as it should. Simple maintenance like oiling the tracks and keeping the tracks free from debris can be done by yourself, but for more serious issues, look for garage door professionals like ZAAAP for complete peace of mind.
Garage doors are used almost every day, and under all weather conditions. With the repeated stress on the parts that make up your garage door, it can and will eventually stop working like it should. When it comes to a malfunctioning garage door, you should always leave the work to a trusted professional, such as ZAAAP.
Garage door repair prices can vary based on the kind of problem you’re facing, and the materials required to fix your garage door issues. Trust ZAAAP to provide you fair and transparent pricing for the highest quality materials we can source for all our jobs. Call us today to find out more.