Garage Door Cable Repair near Murrieta CA

Your garage door has a number of moving parts that should all be in working order. The garage door wire is one of the most crucial components. If you need a garage door cable inspection or repair, ZAAAP Garage Door Repair is merely a phone call away.

If you notice a problem with your garage door cable, call a repair company right away and don't operate the garage door until it's fixed. Using a garage door with broken cables could result in more damage to the door.

What Is the Purpose of Your Garage Door Cable?

Although the cable is not the most obvious part of a garage door system, it is essential to its effective performance. A system of wires connects the garage door to the torsion springs in most cases. This is the most efficient method for maintaining garage door equilibrium at all times. The cables are attached to the garage door on both sides. This component is dependable and long-lasting, but don't expect it to last forever. Wear and strain are inescapable, especially if appropriate care and maintenance is not provided, such as lubrication.

Types of Garage Door Cables

Torsion spring cables

At the bottom of your garage door are the torsion spring cables, which have a crimped stop on one end and a loop on the other. If these wires are broken, you won't be able to open your garage door.

Extension Cables for Spring

The garage door extension spring cables are long and stretch on both sides. The garage door will not open if the extension spring cables have snapped.

Cables of Protection

The safety cables run across the middle of the spring. Our technicians always install safety cables, which are used in conjunction with extension springs to prevent any danger or damage.

What Causes Garage Door Cables to Break?

You'll be able to swiftly diagnose the problem and avoid further damage to other garage door components if you pay close attention to any of these warning indications.

Why Should You Hire a Garage Door Repair Professional?

No matter how tempting it may seem, do not attempt garage door cable repair on your own (unless you have the knowledge and proper tools). It may appear to be a simple, straightforward procedure, but it is not. Employ a qualified professional who is capable of handling the job without reluctance. Your garage door cable will be replaced with one that is compatible with your existing door.

We perform repairs on almost every type of garage door and seeing hundreds of doors, we can promise nothing but the best service.
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