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Aluminum garage doors are the most recommended door choice if you want a cost-efficient pick. Aluminum is not only a lightweight material but a durable and rust-resistant alternative. Modern homes in LA, nowadays, prefer the use of aluminum as opposed to the other expensive preferences.

Nonetheless, aluminum has its disadvantages and requests. In Los Angeles, most aluminum doors face the following challenges.

Indention. Being a lightweight material, most aluminum doors in Los Angeles have slight dent marks on them. When driving out or parking, you might accidentally hit the garage door, causing it to dent slightly or considerably. 

At ZAAAP, we have the tools necessary to repair damaged and dented aluminum panels.

Heat effect. Summer temperatures in Los Angeles can hit 27 °C. But, in other parts, the heat can rise significantly affecting the performance of aluminum doors. 

At ZAAAP, we give you expert advice on how to overcome this challenge. Also, we offer alternatives to aluminum doors.

Broken door openers. You will not only see damaged openers on aluminum doors. Steel garage doors and wooden garage doors also suffer broken openers. To replace or repair your doors’ faulty opener, you need the knowledge and quality material.

At ZAAAP, we deal in quality repair parts that are certified. Our staff installs and replaces broken parts at affordable rates.

Popping and buckling door panels. Aluminum garage doors will pop and buckle after years of nonstop service. The normal wear and tear is the most common agent affecting most garage doors in Los Angeles. Also, accidents are a significant factor that causes the aluminum panels to pop and buckle.

At ZAAAP, we will inspect your aluminum garage door, repair buckled panels, and replace the dented panels under fixed deadlines.

Contact us today for repairs, new aluminum garage door installations, and round the clock emergencies.

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