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Custom garage doors can come in different designs, shapes, and mechanisms. Most Los Angeles homes have custom made garage doors for enhanced safety. However, after a while (like 5-8 years), the door can stop to perform to their full potential. Custom garage doors are usually installed to the specifications of their owners.

Many things that can make your custom garage door to malfunction. It might stop to open as smooth as it did four years ago, it might have a broken weather sealant, the door sensors might stop responding as they did, and it might stop to close to the bottom. All these are problems that require fast and adequate attention. 

For instance, when your custom dual overhead garage door will not close to the bottom, you can try a few troubleshooting approaches. Try to adjust the limits of the motor and see how it behaves. Check the sensors (if there is any) to see if it needs re-adjustments, and look at the settings (this applies for most automated systems).

If the problem is too technical to handle, you should contact the experts and explain your situation. At ZAAAP, We have all the technical knowledge concerning not only custom garage doors but all the types of garage doors in Los Angeles.

Why ZAAAP GARAGE DOOR REPAIR should be your leading substitute.

ZAAAP custom garage door repair in Los Angeles has the expertise and required knowledge in custom door repairs. What makes us stand out from the rest of the competition is the approach we take for repairs.

Custom garage doors require sophisticated tools and complete technical know-how to get the job done. Our team of professional workers come equipped with all the tools necessary to get your garage door back on track

We also offer all our customers discounts and a welcoming payment plan because “your problem is our concern.”

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