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Common repairs that we handle

In Los Angeles, most garage doors get damaged because of many factors. From faulty rollers to damaged panels, we can repair any kind of loss at an affordable cost.

Garage door springs are a crucial element in describing how a garage door performs. Springs, however, break after years of service. At ZAAAP, we have worked with different kinds of door damages.

Here are a few common types of spring repair works that you should know.

Broken spring replacement. When you need to replace the springs on your garage door, contact the experts. Why so? Springs are high tension elements locked in place, and when you try to remove them, you might get injured. Thus, the professionals know how, where, and step by step procedures to unscrew broken springs.

Broken spring troubleshooting. In cases where the torsion spring is behaving unusual, and your garage door will not perform efficiently, do not sit and wait until it is broken. Call us, and we will troubleshoot the entire garage door for you.

Garage door spring adjustments. When you have replaced the broken spring with a new installation, the garage door would still not work precisely because of an alteration in the system. At ZAAAP, our expert team will adjust any spring for you.

Spring installation. If you need a new installation of either the torsion spring or the extension spring, we are here for you. A brand-new spring in Los Angeles will cost around $40, depending on the quality. Our professionals will come with standard springs that guarantee extended service.

Expert Advice.

Taking care of your garage door guarantees long-lasting service time. You need to regularly oil the hinges, joints, and rails. Also, you need to paint and replace worn out parts. When you do this, the garage door will serve you competently.

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