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Understanding your garage door springs.

Springs play a significant role in determining how a garage door operates. That is why a broken spring will not only cause you inconvenience. It is among the most common problems associated with modern-day garage doors, not only in Los Angeles. 

Most of you will agree that repairing a broken spring is not a straightforward task that can always be achieved easily.

You need the expertise and an understanding of how the spring works before unscrewing even the smallest bolt. Springs are considered the backbone of most garage doors, and without an accurately working spring, your garage door will not open and close.

There are two kinds of springs that come with these accessories. The extension springs and the torsion springs. The type of garage door usually characterizes the type of spring in use. If at all one is broken, the entire system will grind to a halt.

What might be the cause of this misfortune?

Many reasons can cause your garage door springs to break. After years of service, the continuous wear and tear can cause your doors’ spring to break. The second factor is rust. Rust is a stubborn flaking coating of iron oxide that affects the performance of most Aluminum and steel doors. When rust is built around your springs, they will break eventually. The third reason is when your garage door is off balance. Although it is hard to tell if the door is off-balance, we at ZAAAP have the necessary skills and tools that can get the job done.

Why a novice should not try to fix a broken spring. 

Let the experts do all the “grunt work” and install for you durable, standard, and efficient systems. 

When your torsion springs break, what should you do?

When faced with this challenge, you should consider four important factors.

  • Fix the spring fast
  • Fix it within your budget
  • Make sure it is configured correctly
  • Call the experts

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