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We often get calls that the garage door is not opening. Or, the power is out and it is an old motor (without battery back up unit) and they can not open the garage door from the outside. When you have a garage door that does not have another entrance, except the garage door itself it is very important to have an emergency lock.

If we don’t have a way to enter to the garage door and you don’t have emergency lock, we will have to bend the lower panel to get inside. This is not recommended at all!!! (It might damage the door.)

You can prevent this problem by installing an emergency lock today. It is very easy and simple to use, and very important to have.

It is much better to install an emergency lock, before the problem occurs. (And prevent bending your door.) Emergency locks are for doors that have no access except the garage door itself!!!

*An Emergency lock can be installed on overhead doors, wood doors, tilt garage doors, sectional garage doors, and more.

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