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When your garage door does not have a battery backup, then you should think twice. A battery backup should not only be necessary for crucial operations (like in supermarkets and hospitals). 

You need to consider a backup battery for your garage door opener. Here, we will look at why backup systems are essential features.

Before further proceeding, let us look at a case story:

In California 2017, a wildfire broke out in one service store that had no battery backup system installed. Many people suffocated to death because they were unable to lift the heavy garage door to free themselves. 

This made California come up with a law. The California SB 969. This law states that “all garage door openers in residential applications sold or installed in California on or after July 1st, 2019 should be equipped with battery backup.”

How ZAAAP is ensuring the law is strictly adhered to.

When installing new or replacing faulty garage door openers, we ensure that a battery backup is on the list. Our professional staff is trained and equipped with all the necessary tools for all installations.

Note that in California, there is a hefty fine of $1000 per opener if your garage door is not installed with a battery backup system.

What you should know:

If you did not have a battery backup installed on your garage doors, then there are a few important things to know. 

  • Make sure the backup battery is fully charged all the while.
  • Replace the battery if it starts to perform below standard

In California, homeowners cannot purchase garage doors without battery backups. Also, you need to choose garage door models that are not only recommended but reliable.

At ZAAAP, we will advise you on the particular garage door models to purchase, and we will install them for you.

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