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About Garage Door Repair

Repairing your garage door is something that any family with a house and garage will need to do at some point. Pieces of the door wear and break over time and with careful maintenance, they can be kept in good working order for years. If you or your landlord use lithium spray or a silicone spray lubricant periodically, you will have fewer problems and your garage door will function as it is supposed to.

Once your garage door reaches a point, it will break. This comes from time or a malfunction in the system. If this does happen, you should look to the experts to fix your door. They can not only diagnose the problem but recommend a quick and concise way to fix it without wasting time or effort. The cable could have broken or a spring snapped and they will let you know.

Finding a professional to fix your door is the right thing to do. They understand that the weather of Monrovia CA can affect the way your garage door functions and the general day-to-day living can wear out a garage door quickly.


Garage door repair in Monrovia CA need not be a hassle. If you turn to ZAAAP Garage door repair it will be fixed in a flash. We are professionals that know your home needs a functioning garage door and they have the tools to fix it. We are quick and efficient so you get your garage door repaired promptly. We will keep you up-to-date with what went wrong and explain to you why it broke. We will work with you to get your door back in working order and you back to your regular life. This is why We are professionals. We don’t waste time.

ZAAP Garage Door Repair

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