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ZAAAP has been in existence long enough to understand what troubled customers in Los Angeles need. When our clients are satisfied and happy, it gives us a sigh of relief. It means we are in business not only for the profits but to consider our customers’ needs.
We focus on delivering quality services at affordable rates. Depending on the kind of door, be sure we will attend to it. ZAAAP is a company that keeps its word when it comes to matters garage maintenance.
Below are a few reviews from customers living within LA.
Customer 1.
Happy for your consistent performance.
I needed my custom made garage door re-aligned, but did not know the best company to contact. I am new in San Gabriel, Los Angeles, with my family of three. The neighborhood looks serene, and the weather is excellent. However, I remember when I first moved to this place, the garage door was not perfectly re-aligned. I contacted ZAAAP, and within 45-minutes, they were at my doorstep. ZAAAP has some of the most sophisticated repair tools I have ever seen. The craftsmanship was ingenious, and my door was fixed within minutes.
Customer 2.
I am feeling at home in Duarte, California.
The neighborhoods are celebrated here. We live as a peaceful community and appreciate each other. Usually, the home improvement services do excellent services when contacted. ZAAAP is one company that services most garage doors in our estate. All the clients have been satisfied with their services.
Customer 3.
Affordable service charges.
Out of the many repair service companies in Rosemead, California, I had never seen a “cheap company;” until recently, when I got to enjoy quality services from ZAAAP. They did significant repairs in my home at affordable rates. Also, we were able to negotiate a payment plan that favored me. This is the best company I would recommend to anyone.
Client 4.
Fantastic experience.
My home is situated in Sierra Madre Ave Azusa, California. I have a garage door that needs maintenance now and then. I first contacted other companies in the past, but at some point, their services became worthless. But, when I chose to work with ZAAAP, up to today, there has never been a single day that I have regretted my decision. Not even a single month has passed without getting a knock on my door from the maintenance crew. Thank you, ZAAAP, for your continuous support.

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