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Signs You Should Get Your Garage Door Replaced

It may be tempting to keep opting to repair your garage door because of the price, but sometimes garage door replacement really is the only option. In this article we’ll touch on a few of the more common signs that you should stop spending all that money on repairs and invest in a brand new garage door.

  1. Your door suffers frequent problems

If your door has been problematic for a long time, then it’s a sign that the heavy door is wearing too much on the finer parts such as the springs and tracks. One small piece of damage gone unnoticed can, over thousands of uses can simply damage your door beyond repair.

After six or more months of issues, it’s time to invest in a new door.

  1. Severe damage

It may seem obvious, but some people will persist in using their garage door even after a major accident like a fallen tree hitting the door or something crashing into it and causing a large dent or hole.

A damaged door is unsightly, dangerous and likely to cause even more problems to the mechanics of the door. Buy a new door as soon as you can.

  1. Age

Old doors are unsafe, simple as that. A law passed in the 1980s set safety standards for all garage doors in order to prevent serious injuries or deaths, but it only applied to doors made after that time. If you think your door is especially old, get it replaced.

However, even doors made after that time aren’t always the safest. People – and especially children – are badly injured or even killed by garage doors every year! Be it electrical failure or an accident as simple as a child trying to duck under a closing door, these incidents increase the older the door.

  1. After a break-in

If anyone has broken into your home through the garage, you must replace your door. You may have replaced your password or changed frequencies or anything else, but you still don’t know how the thief broke in unless they physically broke open the door to do it.

Your door is now a massive security flaw and for the safety of you and everyone and eveyrthing inside, you need to buy a new door.

ZAAAP has dozens of years experience with garage door replacement in Los Angeles, and we will be able to provide recommendations based on your unique circumstances as well as install it for you as soon as possible.

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