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Understanding your door sensors

Garage door sensors are a crucial element in determining how the door performs. In many Los Angeles homes, you will see that sensors come in different mechanisms and designs.

How does the safety sensor work?

A typical door sensor includes:

  • A control panel
  • Motion sensor (either interior and exterior)
  • Wireless or wired security camera
  • Door sensor

These systems work on a simple to understand principle. The eye sensor at the unit head continually communicates with the control panel located somewhere in the system. The control panel is considered the brains of the system. It has a processing unit and interpretation unit, among other significant elements.

Commands from the interior and exterior sensors send commands to the processing unit, telling it to close, open, or adjust. 

Other sophisticated door sensors have motion sensors. These detect movements automatically and open or close when prompted. Cameras are found with these kinds of door sensors for enhanced performance.

Three Maintenance tips.

To have a faultless working sensor, you need to maintain it regularly. Below are a few tips for you.

Remove dust and cobwebs. Dust and cobwebs that block the eye lens can cause the sensor to perform below standards. Clean the lens once or twice a month for improved performance 

Adjust the sensor. If your garage door does not open or close completely, you should check to see if the sensor unit is loose. If it is unattached, you should screw the unit precisely to fit.

Electrical malfunctions. Now, this is a rather technical area that requires electrical understanding. When you notice that the problem is either the power unit or terminals, let the experts handle. At ZAAAP, we have a team that completely understands how to repair garage door sensors.

Below is the principle reason why you should choose ZAAAP for all your sensor repairs. 

We have all the know-how in working with different garage door sensors, not only in Los Angeles.

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