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Repairing a damaged safety sensor on a garage door cannot always prove a straightforward assignment. There are technical involvements and electrical scheming that you will not familiarize.


Out of the many reasons that make us among the most sort out repairs Service Company in Los Angeles, below are three reasons that should make you consider us.

We troubleshoot different kinds of sensor brands.

There are numerous sensor brands in most Los Angeles homes that work on different principles. To troubleshoot a malfunctioned sensor, you need to understand its working mechanism.

We at ZAAAP, have the required skills to understand all the problems associated with these security assistants. Our team of specialists are keen to replace broken and miss-aligned sensors to their usual working ways at affordable rates.

We offer advice and a DIY guide on sensor repairs.

Some sensors might stop working because of a loose LED located at the outside of the door or a loose screw that has miss-aligned the sensor. These are just but a few common problems associated with garage door sensors.

Below are other minor problems that you can troubleshoot and repair with our DIY guide.

  • Cleaning the sensor lens
  • Checking for wire damages
  • Checking whether water and other physical factors might be affecting the sensors
  • Ordinary wear and tear

ZAAAP is a certified service repair company in Los Angeles.

When working with a certified company, it means that from the warranty to the service charges, you are the one who gains most.

There are seven benefits you stand to gain.

  • You have all the proof that our company has been in existence in the market
  • There are transparent processes and communication structures we continuously follow
  • Customer satisfaction is what keeps us surviving in the competitive market
  • The quality of service is on a consistent prime level
  • There is efficiency and effectiveness in our delivery
  • You can get to see positive reviews from clients who have tested our services
  • Your challenges are our interest

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