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Garage Door Spring Repair Altadena CA

Is your garage door spring broken? The spring on your garage door is something you probably never think about – right up until the day it breaks. One of the most common questions that arise at that moment is ‘why did the spring on my garage door break?’

Wear and Tear is one of the reasons why garage door springs fail or break! The average, properly installed torsion springs last for approximately 10,000 cycles. A cycle is when the garage door goes up and then comes back down. Even if an individual only leaves and comes back once throughout the entire day, it still equates to two cycles per day or 730 in a year. Therefore, a garage door spring would only last for a little over 13 ½ years. Generally, most people open and close the door many times throughout the day. Due to that, the life span shortens to far less than 13 ½ years. 

In every field of life, professionals are required to complete the task at hand. If part-timers are used to fix the problem then there is a high probability that the problem will arise again. When the problem remerges then one has to again spend his useful time and money to get that fixed. So it is in individuals best interests to hire through professionals in the first place and get rid of that problem for good.

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