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Is your garage door not working? Are you having trouble opening your garage door? Do you think it is because of the opener not functioning properly? Probably not. In almost 9 out of 10 occasions garage door spring causes the failure of a door.  It is this spring that counterbalances the weight of the garage door and allows the opener to easily slide the garage door. 

If you lift your garage door by hand, it should feel like it weighs not more than a few pounds. But if the garage door is sensing heavier than five pounds or it is difficult to release it then you must know that it is high time to replace the spring of your garage door. Usually, every garage door opening mechanism consists of two springs. However, in some cases, the builders try to cut the cost of construction by installing one large spring instead hence significantly reducing the life span of the garage door opening system. 


It is extremely dangerous to replace garage door springs owing to the huge amount of stored energy in wound torsion spring or extension spring. Dismantling of the garage door parts of spring system is required to repair many doors.

Garage door spring is so powerful that it can break the window of your car, throw you off the ladder and even put you in the Emergency room. Every year there are reports of injuries, accidents, and deaths due to unprofessional repairers who lack proper tools or knowledge that are required to disengage springs from the spring system. 

Zaaap is a team of professional repairers of the garage door in Glendale CA and is experts at their work. Their services are available round the clock and can be ordered with guaranteed success. 

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