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If your garage door is not opening, there could be many reasons for it, but one of the most common issue behind the failure of garage door is breakage of springs. Normally a garage door spring lasts not more than 4-5 years. Now the question arises how to figure out if your Garage door spring is broken? 

There are many ways to do it. First and the easiest one is the loud sound that spring makes during breakage. Another way to check the spring failure is to lift the door and see if it weighs more than the usual. If it does, then the spring is definitely not working properly. The next question which will come in your mind is How you are going to repair it?

Either you can replace the spring yourself or you can hire an expert to do this job for you. If you decide to replace it yourself, you may face multiple issues then like the danger involved in replacing the spring, unable to recognize the quality of spring, method of installation, etc. Consequently, it is better if you leave this job to an expert. 

Try Zaaap

Zaaap provides 24/7, high-quality Garage door spring repair service to clients all over Los Angeles.  We will replace your garage door springs with specially engineered springs that will have a life cycle of more than 20,000. We try to repair your garage door the same day you as soon as you contact us. Our garage door repair team has the skills and experience to complete any job, whether large or small to complete customer satisfaction. Our customers frequently provide feedback on our quick response, high-quality service, and are amazed by the reasonable cost.

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