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If you are like most people, you probably have paid very little attention to your garage door springs. While understandable, this oversight is also a bit unfair. There’s really no single part on your garage door and garage door opener that is more important to the raising and lowering of the door. That’s one reason for recognizing the importance of the springs. When your garage door spring breaks your garage door stops to function.

Most of the work of lifting your garage door is done by garage door springs regardless of the fact that the door is manually or automatically operated. The spring makes it possible for anyone to lift a product that might weigh one hundred pounds on the low end and many hundreds of pounds on the high end. Not only can anyone lift it – most can do it with one hand! In other words, a lot of the work is done by the garage door spring. This can be a curse sometimes as overload on the springs can cause it to break. 

Garage door springs are also dangerous! Very dangerous, in fact. Garage door springs are tightly coiled, due to that they are under a lot of tension. When they break, or when some unsuspecting amateur tries to fiddle with them, they can cause a whole lot of pain. Wise individuals know that this is one household chore that is best left to the pros. If your garage door is old, or if it is showing signs of age, let an experienced contractor inspect your garage door springs.

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