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Garage door springs bear the weight of a garage door and perform a prime function of opening and closing the garage door. These springs are made of high-tension steel to enable higher elasticity and lifespan. However, every spring has a limited life cycle and you need to repair it after some time. Some door springs last for 10,000 cycles while there are others which require repair after 20,000 cycles. 

There are many signs you will notice of a failing garage door. First, it is harder to lift a door with aging springs as it puts an enormous load on a garage door. Another sign of failing springs is when you hear the electric door opener start to strain as it tries to open the door. 

If you notice any of these signs in your garage door then it is most likely that you are posed with the danger of the door violently crashing down under its full weight. Therefore, in such a situation the only decision you are left with is to replace the old spring with a new one. This replacement is a highly tactful task and involves the full replacement of both springs simultaneously.

Professionals can complete this task within hours and take you out of this worry. Pros are acquainted with the quality of springs and the method to install it. They will offer a choice of numerous types of springs at a range of costs. High-quality springs last for a lifetime while the economical springs can be expected to work for up to five years under normal circumstances.  


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