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Do you live within Los Angeles and would like your garage door spring replaced?

ZAAP has got you covered!

We are a genuine repair store that offers not only the best kind of services but also fast, reliable, and quality solutions to your garage door problems, like in this case, spring replacement.

Garage door springs are an essential part of how your garage door opens and closes. Although a small part, the commonly used phrase of a ‘cog in the machine’ can best describe its importance. 

Different Types of Garage Door Springs

TORSION GARAGE DOOR SPRINGS: these are the most common kinds of springs. Torsion springs are what raise and lower your garage door and come in sets depending on your door’s size and weight.

EXTENSION GARAGE DOOR SPRINGS: These springs contract or expand when your garage door either raises or is lowered down by use of hand or a motor.

Since the breakdown or improper function of your garage door due to old or worn-out springs can be quite an inconvenience, replacing them would be an ideal choice. 

Although it may seem easy, bear in mind that their replacement is not ‘do it yourself’ project considering they undergo a great deal of tension. If you have no idea how to go about spring replacement on your garage door, calling for some professional support can spare you and your loved ones serious bodily harm or property damage. 

An expert has both the skills and tools required to repair your garage door springs efficiently and quickly, letting you know the reasons behind the springs’ malfunction or tear and wear.

At ZAAAP, we specialize in garage door repair services, among several other services. You can call us at any time of the day as well as depend on our professional support for any of your garage door needs. 

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