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Door tracks need to perform faultlessly for an easy time. When your garage door tracks are misaligned or damaged, the entire system fails. You need to understand why tracks fail and how to repair or troubleshoot them.

In this guide, our ZAAAP professional will give you the insight to understand all the essential issues.

Why do tracks malfunction?

There are a lot of factors that cause tracks to malfunction. Below are the most common.

Stress is one major cause of track failure. When you do not maintain the garage door, it slowly gets stressed, leading to tracks malfunction, among other damages. Also, normal wear and tear is another reason that brings about track damage.

Accidents and bad weather are considered seasonal factors. Garage doors become damaged in cases where there has been a storm or severe weather. Your garage door will also be damaged when you hit the panels as you reverse the family car.

We at ZAAAP focus on not only conducting repairs in Los Angeles but maintaining high levels of standards troubleshooting and maintenance work for most Los Angeles homes.

How to repair and troubleshoot a damaged track.

To repair a defective track can often or not involve technical understanding. One needs to know how to achieve this successfully. Luckily, we are here for you.

Step by step guide.

  • Disconnect the opener
  • Open the garage door
  • Check to see exactly where the damage is. You should notice the jamming wheels
  • Unscrew the wheels and work on the track carefully
  • Manually test the door if it is working correctly
  • If it is in good condition, you can check the automatic operation

Why choose ZAAAP.

For all your worries like a broken lift cable and misaligned tracks, we have all the experience and necessary tools to handle any damage.

Contact us today and enjoy a flawless door system.

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