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How to diagnose and fix your garage door. All you need to know.

If you have a malfunctioning garage door, a simple troubleshooting guide can help you resolve the issue. Most garage doors in Los Angeles are worn out because of the normal wear and tear.

Here, our expert team will focus on showing you the simple steps for a repair.

A garage door that will not open or close.

When it comes to troubleshooting this kind of problem, you need to follow the below guide:

Step 1: Check to see whether the door opener is plugged in. (this applies to most electrical powered garage doors)

Step 2: If the opener is plugged in and still the door will not open, check to ensure that the remote is in good working condition/batteries are working. If the batty cells are dead, you need to replace them.

Step 3: Check whether the lock button works correctly. If it is not, you need to repair it with the available user manual that comes with it.

Step 4: Check the door sensors. When the sensors are not working correctly, the door itself will not perform adequately. 

Step 5: If the above steps do not prove useful, check the springs in your tracks to see if they are damaged.

Step 6: Contact ZAAAP if you are left with no option.

Fixing the garage door opener.

When it comes to fixing the door opener, you need to be familiar with all the electrical functioning of the door mechanism. If not, you need to contact a reliable electrician to diagnose and fix the issue.

At ZAAAP, we have a department of qualified electricians who specialize in repairing all the electrical challenges most people face.


Noisy garage door.

Los Angeles is a city that enjoys its quiet neighborhoods. The last thing you would want is a noisy garage door. To do away with this kind of problem, you need to replace the parts that are worn out. You can find different types of garage door parts in our stores made from quality materials. 

Also, routine maintenance of the hinges, rollers, and tracks can help resolve the issue.

Repairing broken glass.

Working with broken glass can be tricky. The best option is to let the experts handle this for you. Glass can be hard to cut on many occasions. And you might find it hard to get a durable solution to replace the broken piece. So let us repair the damage at affordable prices.

Basic steps for maintenance.

Everything mechanical needs to be maintained to function well. Below are a few maintenance tips for you, as discussed by our experts.

  • Lubricate the tracks twice in four months
  • Check your garage door cables and pulley system regularly.
  • Paint your door after months/years of service.

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