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Are your steel doors performing below standard? Worry no more. ZAAAP is here for you.

Many homeowners prefer to use steel garage doors as opposed to other security alternatives. Steel is an expensive pick, but it offers a lot of advantages than disadvantages. From its high tensile strength to its formability and durability, your garage doors will last longer.

Here are two crucial questions many ask that we need to answer before proceeding.

  1. How long does a steel door last?
  2. How much does a steel garage door cost?

To answer the above questions, you need to understand that a steel door will last approximately 15-20 years if well maintained. 

About the cost, you need to know that steel garage doors come in different sizes. For a 15 by 6 steel garage door, the cost ranges between $1500 to $2000. For other smaller door sizes, the prices vary significantly. However, you should note that: It is essential to purchase steel doors from reliable stores.

ZAAAP has experience in installing new and repairing damaged steel doors for homes not only in Los Angeles but far and wide. 

For repairs on steel doors, we can handle the following five areas:

  • Garage door repainting
  • Broken rails and rollers
  • Broken hinges and cables
  • Worn out pulleys and gears
  • Damaged springs and motors

How to prevent your steel garage door from damage. A quick guide from our expert team.

Make sure to drive carefully when going inside and leaving your garage. This will help you prevent accidents and denting your steel doors. Also, regular maintenance will help your garage door to last long and perform better.

When you notice minor damages on your steel garage doors, make sure to repair/replace them. This helps protect your garage door.

If your steel garage door is causing continuous nightmares, call us today and let the professional advice.

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