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In Los Angeles, many homeowners have preferred the use of wooden garage doors to other sophisticated door designs. Wood garage doors have many advantages. However, they also offer significant disadvantages.

Here, we will look at two of the most common problems these home security constructions have, and how to troubleshoot and repair them.

– Sagging garage door: Older wooden garage doors sag after years of continuous service. The sagging might be as a result of the normal wear and tear. But, it can also be caused by awful weather (especially during winter and rainy seasons).

To fix this, you need to take off the hinge that is supporting the wooden panels. Reinforce the wooden bars with new and durable bars. Screw the bar in place for enhanced performance.

Fix time: 45-Minutes.

– Paint repair: Wooden garage doors will fade after years of service. UV rays and rain are the two most common nightmares in Los Angeles for these security alternatives. When your wooden garage door’s paint begins to peel, it means it is time to repaint.

To fix this, you need to have a few painting tools in place. We have tools for you to understand. Sand the surface of the wood and paint all the wooden panels with durable, water-resistant paint.

Fix time: 2-3 hours. Depending on the size of the door 

When to call the pros.

When the problem becomes colossal, need not worry. At ZAAAP, we have made it our primary concern to value our customers. The following are our key focus.

  • Maintain professional and ethical working standards.
  • Maintain quality service, not only in Los Angeles.
  • Charge fair fees and
  • Do a substantial amount of work under minimum supervision

Call us today and bring back your wooden garage door back to its original look.

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