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Torsion System Spring Sizes and Gauges

Each garage door has different size springs, depending on factors such as weight and size of door.

Normal standard size for a double garage door is 16’x7’ however some doors can be bigger or smaller, which can affect the spring size.

Standard door types:

* Non-insulated garage doors

* Poly-back garage door

* Steel-back garage door (Fully insulated)

Those factors, as well as the length and height, will make a difference on the garage door springs required. (More material in the door, increases weight, affecting the springs.)

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The wrong springs size may work on the garage door, however only for a short period of time. For example, if you install springs that are to strong for a light door it will be easy for the motor to open, however when the door is too light, it will be harder to close the door, the strain will cause a shorter life on the motor. In some cases, when you install the wrong size spring, the cable will come out of the drums. Keep in mind, the windows have an impact on the springs as well.


At ZAAAP Garage Doors we choose 1-3/4 diameter springs. (Other companies may have an alternative preference.)

Examples below:

16/7- without windows non-insulted garage door 207-gauge

16/7-with windows non-insulted garage door 218-gauge

16/7-poly back door garage door without windows 218-gauge

16/7-poly back door garage door with windows 225-gauge

Steel back garage door without windows (fully insulated) 234-gauge

steel back garage door (fully insulated) with windows 243-gauge

Tilt door (one piece door) has a different spring type

Alternate diameters, or door weight, will require a modification of spring gauge.

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