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Have problems with your garage door in Temecula, CA? ZAAAP can help!

There’s no doubt that your garage door is used on a daily basis, as you leave and enter your home in your car while you lead a busy lifestyle.

Because of this daily use and being exposed to the natural elements and the changing of the seasons year-round, your garage door will eventually require repair and maintenance to keep it working well.

Our expert team at ZAAAP are here to help you solve any issues with your garage door and keep it working at tiptop condition for years ahead.

Signs that your garage door needs professional repair
  1. Garage door will not open or close
  2. Garage door closes or opens very slow
  3. Garage door gives off strange sounds when in use
  4. Garage door does not open or close all the way

At ZAAAP, we offer solutions to the above problems, in addition to many others that involve garage doors.


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Save yourself from the headache of figuring out which garage door company to trust


Use low grade equipment and materials for our work
Take advantage of those who don’t know much about garage doors
Try to convince you to buy unnecessary “premium” services
Cause inconvenience by constant rescheduling at short notice


come on time in order to finish the job as efficiently as possible so you can use your garage again
Break down the problem to you and explain it so you understand
Give you tips on how to prevent these issues in the future
Always stays in touch with you to help you save money and time

Helping everyone in Temecula, CA solve their garage door problems, big or small

Our expert team of garage door specialists have 15+ years of experience dealing with garage doors of any shape or size.

We can diagnose and fix any garage door problems you might have. As homeowners too, we understand how important a properly functioning garage door is in the busy lifestyles we all lead today.

It can be frustrating to know that your garage door has suddenly malfunctioned.  Here at ZAAAP, we strive to provide the most efficient and highest quality service to all our customers, no matter the size or specifics of the job.

Different garage door issues and possible reasons why they happen

  • You need to replace your worn-out garage door parts
  • Garage door remote malfunction
  • Manual locking of garage door
  • Sensor problems on garage door
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"Shawn is the most reliable person I have worked with. Good guy, great education, good pricing and just a overall friendly dude. . ."

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"Sean was excellent, knowledgeable and helpful. Great service and value. Would recommend."

Sam W.

Lake Elsinore, CA
"Quick and amazing service. Our spring broke on the garage and within an hour he was at the house repairing the garage. Amazing!"

Jay Z.

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Other services ZAAAP can provide in Temecula, CA

15+ Years Experience
Our unbeatable professionalism and top notch service to all our customers are built upon 15+ years of experience in the Garage door industry.
Free Repair/Installation Estimates
Before we start any work, we will provide a free repair/installation price estimate so you know what to expect for any job you have.
Highest Rated Company
Our prices are always transparent and competitive, so our customers are kept in the know about what to expect for the price of service that they pay for.
Competitive Pricing Guaranteed
We have some of the most competitive pricing around when it comes to repairing and installing Garage doors in our local and surrounding areas.
Partnered with Quality Brands
Using only the highest quality materials and tools from quality brands in the garage door industry, you can trust that the level of our work is the best that your money can buy.
Avail Same Day Service
Subject to availability, we offer a same day service for garage door repairs or installation. Call us today to find out more.
Licensed Experts in Temecula, CA
Our expert team is licensed and qualified to handle all garage door problems in Temecula, CA with utmost professionalism.
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FAQ by Garage door owners in Temecula, CA

1. Who is the best garage door repair company in Temecula, CA

With over 168 5-star Google reviews (and counting), our satisfied customers have voted ZAAAP as the best garage door repair company in Temecula, CA today.

We are committed to providing the best service to all our customers for any job big or small.

  1. Why my garage door is not closing

If you find that your garage door is not closing, there may be a variety of reasons why this happens. It may be because of faulty sensors, misaligned tracks, or something that is blocking the path of your garage door as it goes up and down during operation.

  1. How to fix broken garage door

When it comes to fixing broken garage doors, this is a complex job that requires the right tools and materials. Garage doors are heavy items which contain many separate moving parts that are under tension, so it is best to contact the professionals, like our expert team at ZAAAP.

You can definitely maintain your garage doors yourself, by oiling the tracks, springs, and contact points on your garage door mechanism. For anything bigger, contact us today to have it looked at.

  1. Can a damaged garage door be repaired

We’d like to believe that all damaged garage doors can be repaired, at least to a functional level, but preferably to a point where it feels and works just like it did brand new.

However, if for any reason your garage door is a write off, we will advise you on your next steps and provide a one-stop shop for sourcing and installation of a new garage door should you need one. Call us today to find out more.

We perform repairs on almost every type of garage door and seeing hundreds of doors, we can promise nothing but the best service.
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