Garage Door Drum Repair near Wildomar CA

Do you hear or see your garage door wobbling as it tries to open or close? These signs could indicate that the cable drums on your garage door are broken. Damaged or broken garage door drums can create additional wear and pressure on other gear, such as cables and tracks, or result in an unusable door, leaving you in an unpleasant situation.

The garage door will not operate smoothly if the garage door drums break abruptly, and you will need the help of an experienced, dependable specialist to assess the problem and supply quality solutions. We work swiftly and effectively to return your garage door system to its previous form, assuring secure and dependable access to your property.

garage door drum

What exactly are garage door drums?

The drums on the top of your garage door are wheels that are positioned at either end of the spring support bar and are necessary for raising and lowering the door smoothly. When the garage door is open, garage door drums help raise the door and act as spools for winding up and storing the cables. Garage door cables are put under a lot of stress. When they are broken or damaged, they not only prevent the door from functioning properly, but they also pose major safety risks.

What Is The Impact Of Broken Garage Door Cable Drums On The Door’s Performance?

It’s time to repair the garage door drum if you notice signs of wear and tear on the hardware, such as fractures, broken sections, or warping. Damaged garage door drums can be identified by the following symptoms:

The door opens with a sudden, abrupt jerking motion or noticeable shaking as it rises or lowers.
A loud squeaking noise is made when the garage door is open.
The door cannot connect evenly with the floor when it is closed.
Most professionals recommend having your garage door cable drums inspected and maintained at least once a year to spot any damage or inefficiencies early. When garage door drums are damaged, the performance of your system can be severely harmed. Every time the garage door opens, the wires are twisted and unwound on the drums, and warped or damaged drums can cause the cables to slip and the door panels to come free. Wires can snap and garage door tracks can be damaged unexpectedly due to damaged drums.

Replace or service cable drums today with ZAAAP Garage Doors.

People in and around Wildomar CA can count on ZAAAP Garage Doors for honest and dependable garage door repair and installation. Our technicians are highly trained and experienced in identifying and repairing defective garage door cable drums using only the best parts and equipment for long-term results.