Garage Door Drum Repair near Winchester CA

Do you hear dreadful grating noises when you open or close your garage door, or do you see the door trembling as it tries to open or close? These symptoms could be a clear indication that your garage door's cable drums are damaged. Garage door drums are an important part of your door's lifting and counterbalance mechanism, and if they are damaged or broken, they can cause additional wear and strain on other gear, such as cables and tracks, or result in an unusable door, putting you in an awkward situation.

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If the garage door drums break unexpectedly, the garage door won't operate smoothly, and you'll need the assistance of an experienced, trusted specialist to diagnose the problem and provide quality solutions. ZAAAP Garage Doors provides same-day garage door drum replacement services whenever you need them – we work quickly and expertly to restore your garage door system to its original state, ensuring secure and reliable access to your home.

Garage Door Drums: What Are They?

The drums on the top of your garage door are wheels that are mounted at either end of the spring support bar and are essential for raising and lowering the door simply and steadily. Garage door drums assist in raising the garage door and serve as spools for winding up and storing the cables when the door is open. The garage door wires are subjected to extreme strain and tension. They not only prohibit the door from working correctly when they are broken or damaged, but they also offer serious safety issues.

How Do Broken Garage Door Cable Drums Affect The Performance Of The Door?

When you see symptoms of damage to the hardware, such as fractures, broken pieces, or warping, it's time to replace the garage door drum. The following are signs that your garage door drums are damaged:

While the door rises or lowers, it opens with a swift, unexpected jerking motion or obvious shaking.
When the garage door is open, it creates a loud squeaking noise.
When the door is closed, it is unable to connect evenly with the floor.
Most pros recommend having your garage door cable drums — as well as every other component of your garage door system — inspected and maintained at least once a year to catch any damage or inefficiencies early. When garage door drums are destroyed, your system's performance can suffer significantly. The cables are twisted and unwound on the drums every time the garage door opens, and warped or damaged drums can cause the cables to slip off, causing the door panels to come loose. Damaged drums can also cause wires to snap and damage garage door tracks unexpectedly.

ZAAAP Garage Doors Can Replace Or Service Cable Drums Today.

ZAAAP Garage Doors offers honest and dependable garage door repair and installation services to people in and around Winchester CA. Our professionals are thoroughly qualified and experienced in recognizing and repairing faulty garage door cable drums with the highest quality parts and equipment for long-term results.

We perform repairs on almost every type of garage door and seeing hundreds of doors, we can promise nothing but the best service.
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